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Welcome at WetlookPlanet.com!
On this site you will find nice wetlook in sports clothes and sportive outfits! Adidas, Reebok and Nike sport shoes, sportswear, shiny jackets...
We post mostly wet sports clothes, but also wet and shiny outfits, there is some nice shoe-focusing and we have sets ranging from dry to wet.
But this is not a sports-only site, any clothes that fit our style are welcome!
You can even send us your favorite outfits to have a custom shoot made

This weeks update:
Years ago, a fan sent us some Adidas outfit, and we still kept it, so now we can surprise you with Louise wearing it!
Anybody interested in an abused trainer? :-)

Movie of Chrissy in brand-new New Balance sneakers, a retro Adidas shorts from the 80's and a Nike shirt.
Also special focus on her putting on her white Nike sport socks

So much fun you can have with a ball in the sun! Great set of a lovely girl!
wetlook277-6-013.jpg wetlook277-6-113.jpg wetlook277-6-134.jpg wetlook277-6-196.jpg

New girl Iris in an all-Adidas trainer that barely fits her anymore, she has grown a bit over the past year but she still loves to jump and move.
Great whale-tail and soaking of the outfit! She takes off her Nikes to show you her bare feet.

Movie of Lieneke in an Adidas trainer with nice white color, she gets completely soaked!

(also pay-per-download at www.wetlookstore.com


On this site we focus at girls that enjoy making wetlook, getting soaked while fully clothed. There is clothed swimming, but also posing in wet clothing.
This is a fully clothed, nonude wetlook-site. That means that all images, including those in the member area, are of girls wearing wet clothes!
USC2257: All girls on this site are 18 years or over.